Our Team

Emilien Bossert 

Certified Pedorthist 


Supporting diabetics with excellent shoes is my passion. The main focus is on comfort, quality and design. At the same time, I assure that our products can be easily modified by qualified Pedorthists.


Michela Casanova

MSc. Civil Engineer, EPFL


Accepting new challenges, analyzing them and developing optimized solutions and processes are my passion. Our customers and suppliers benefit from my knowledge, my efficiency and my reliability.


With our shoes, diabetics go through everyday life with a sense of well-being. Pedorthists and other medical institutions recommend our products.


Our mission is to develop diabetic shoes that meet all requirements. At the same time, we optimize the work of qualified Pedorthists by producing shoes that can be easily adjusted. As a Swiss company, we have all our warehouses in Switzerland and therefore want to shorten the delivery times for our products.


We focus on innovation, fairness, integrity and quality. In order to meet the quality requirements, our shoes are handmade in Portugal and checked by us. Our customers are our most valuable partners. Through the intensive collaboration with Pedorthists and diabetics, we can continuously improve our products. We focus on new innovations, commit to excellent performance and live healthy entrepreneurship.

Our History

To provide suitable shoes for diabetics, Pedorthists nowadays have to deal with several problems. Long delivery times, difficulties in modifying shoe adjustments and poor aesthetics often do not allow an optimal solution for customers.These recurring problems asked for reflection...


"If you want to master these challenges, we need a shoe design that meets these high standards." 


In February 2020, the company Tells Shoes LLC was founded after one year of research, development and the production of several prototypes.  A few months later we had our first collection ready for final production. At the end of Summer 2020, our first model will be available at multiple Pedorthist subsidaries in Switzerland.


Our Partners

We are always looking for new partners. If you are interested, please contact us directly using the contact form.


It is important for us to work closely with medical and paramedical facilities. We look forward to your feedback to continuously improve our services and products.